Roadtrip ProductCamp Seattle 09

I committed to going to the Seattle Product Camp 09 on October 10th while I still lived in LA. I made that roadtrip a few months ago. I do not want to drive the southern Oregon stretch of I-5 at night ever again.

Having relocated to San Antonio, Texas eliminates the necessity of driving that stretch of interstate. It presents me with an opportunity to see Wyoming and Montana. I’ve driven the stretch to Denver on top of several trips to Santa Fe when I found the fast way from Austin (10.5 hrs) via Muleshoe.

The gas estimate would be 16 fills via LA and Seattle via I-5. Plug in a safety factor, so I’m up to twenty fills. So the budget is up to $800 without food or sleep. That makes the trip contingent. I won be able to firm up the trip until sometime after August 23rd baring some other wonderful surprise.

I’ll miss the Austin Product Camp, because that happens to be the day my son gets married over in East Texas.

I have two seats that could be filled along the way.

I know, it would be cheaper to fly. But, I’m not one to miss an opportunity to roadtrip.

See the map.

Roadtrip to ProductCamp Seattle 09

Roadtrip to ProductCamp Seattle 09


One Response to “Roadtrip ProductCamp Seattle 09”

  1. Product Strategist Says:

    […] before like Wyoming and Montana. That PCamp was held in early October. I was a warned of snow. See the first trip plan. I drove the Junction to Ballinger route the last time I left California. I’m not going that […]

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