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Roadtrip: ProductCamp Seattle 09, Update

August 31, 2009

As PCS09 sneaks up on all of us, I’m much more certain than I was when I wrote the first post on the roadtrip. Certainty will arrive in the next five days. I’ve decided that I want to arrive on Wednesday.

As a result I will leave in the pre-dawn hours on Monday. I’ve settled on the Junction to Balinger route. That can change if someone in Austin wants a ride. Let me know early.

Route will involve 12 tanks of gas, hopefully, at a winter gasoline price. Planning on getting a room somewhere in Montana. But, that was for the quick trip. I may go much slower so I can stop at a few parks along the way.

Not going to rush, but I do need to be there all day on Thursday and Friday, so I can meet some of the twitter friends.

I missed PCA09 this year. PCS09 will be my first product camp.

As ProductCamp Minneapolis comes together, I’m thinking that I’ll be making that trip as well. I’ve made that trip before, on the 4th of July. The fireworks northbound through Nebraska from Salina, Kansas (I35 to US 81) is not to be missed, hours and hours of them. In each town, fireworks are to be had on the town square until 1 am, so from dusk to long into night, fireworks up ahead, behind, east, west. Had a heat thunderstorm, it’s lightening, and a sunset sinking below those clouds all competing for attention.

Presentation: ProductCamp Seattle 09

August 31, 2009

I’m starting work on a presentation that I’d like to present at ProductCamp Seattle 09 in October.

I created this survey,, to help me narrow the topics I could cover in the presentation. Please let me know what you would be interested in hearing by taking the survey. Thanks.