Roadtrip: ProductCamp Seattle 09, Update 02

The roadtrip is on, definite.

I got a comment on the presentation topic survey asking me to make it more understandable. As it is it’s more a list of keywords. What is needed is something more along the lines of “How….” So I’m revising the survey. It turns out that it is very difficult to revise a survey. So I’m creating a completely new one. It seems that creating the survey in a word processor and pasting the text into the survey is the way to go.It will be a day or two before the survey is revised.

Thanks to all the people who responded to the first survey, and retweeted the link to the survey.

I’ve been told to use four slides, and to encourage audience participation. I haven’t been to a ProductCamp yet, so I’m left wondering about how the presentations are done. If you’ve done one, give me your hints. As it is I’m looking for a Toastmasters chapter in San Antonio where I can get some presentation time in before the ProductCamp. I’d prefer the toastmaster chapter to be business oriented, rather than general.

It strikes me that it is probably cheaper to fly than drive, but for me the roadtrip is about seeing places I’ve never seen, meeting people I’ve never met, and having some fun.

The ProductCamp will be an opportunity do what I’ve done many times before, turn online posters into real people, real friends.


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