PCSC Presentation: Poisson Games in Technology Adoption

I proposed this presentation for ProductCamp SoCal. The title was “So you don’t have a market. Great!” It did not get enough votes.

I did present a similar presentation at ProductCamp Seattle last October, but I came at Poisson games through game theory and omitted most of the technology adoption lifecycle content. I had intended to repeat the PCS presentation, but the PCSC leads cut presentation time from 45 minutes down to 25 minutes, not enough time to get that done.

The main point of both presentations was to make product managers aware of Poisson games. In the latest presentation, I made more of a point to tie the content to product management. The technology adoption lifecycle can be represented as a series of Poisson games. The technology adoption lifecycle also defines some limits to the voice of the customer.

This presentation still wasn’t very interactive. It was also too long during rehearsal, and it got longer after the ProductCamp.  I have some ideas about that the next time I present on this topic.


Let me know what you think. Leave a comment. Thanks!


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