From a Geometry Proof

I was out on twitter a several weeks ago, and Alexander Bomogolny tweeted another of his GeoGeBra proofs, shown below.


The key issue was the similarity of the two blue lines in terms of their angle and length. But, I looked at the center pentagon and thought value chains, Shapely values, and just who was that dot in the center pentagon that manages the interactions with the other pentagons. How central was this person?

To examine the issue of that person’s centrality, I looked for the center of the center pentagon.


From the figure it was clear that the person working where the value chain contributors was not some executive in the CXO crowd. Instead the person was managing at a distance from the CXOs. Sales reps like the CXO sale, but this person, the user, is some distance from the buying decision. Yes, the buying team is constructed. This person, the user, might be on the Buying team. But the vision, the value proposition across these distances will differ. The grandeurs of the CXO’s value proposition can be very distant from the user thinking about how they can cut and paste these numbers into that equation. So who is the customer and who is this user or that one is critical. Those buying personas all have personas in your software.

Are you calling each of them? Do you satisfy all of them?  Are you teaching each of them? Are you marketing to each of them? Unlike the proof about those blue lines. Those buying personas are not similar. They are in conflict. This even if the CXO has everyone aligned.

What about all those who don’t use your software, but are aligned with the larger, smaller, or intermediary value propositions? How long will they be involved? When will their involvement begin and end? What will your process orchestration look like?

That person at the intersection of that value chain is just one Poisson distribution under the corporate normal. The vector under that Poisson points where?



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