I started this blog with a focus on why venture capitalists don’t invest in discontinuous innovation, and on how one would build an organization that can do discontinuous innovation on a ongoing basis. By ongoing basis, I mean on without stopping, without pausing, without waiting for the next big thing. Those problems are pretty much settled. So I found two more issues: the consequence of the cannibalization of the early mainstreet phase of the technology adoption lifecycle, and product-led growth as the means of migrating horizontal applications to the cloud.

I’ve long been focused on discontinuous innovation. I’ve worked all over the technology adoption lifecycle. I’ve worked in many startups including Dynasty Technology, ObjectSolutions, Bindview Development before it was acquired by Symantec, and Guidance Software. I’ve worked in Fortune 2000s and other companies as well. I’ve seen the phase transitions and how these businesses differed from each other.

I’ve worked for many product managers. I’ve worked in many matrix organizations. I’ve ran my department. I’ve demonstrated self-management many times. I’ve started a business. I’ve done one of those Tom Peter’s Wow projects. I’ve led.

At NHDS, Inc., I designed what they now call the RAHN™ desktop node, and the RAHN™ architecture . My interest at the time was to create a discontinuous innovation, a platform enabling P2P model exchange.  I developed the product strategy as well.

If you need my help reach me at davidwlocke59@gmail.com. Or, call me at 505-903-3316.

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